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Gargoyle Hall - Araminta Spook, Book 6

Review – Gargoyle Hall by Angie Sage

This is my first introduction to the book series Araminta Spook who is a Chief Detective of her own detective agency. She’s funny, intuitive and decisive. Perfect for this role. Do join her on this new adventure to find out what mysterious happening are occurring at Gargoyle Hall. You’re in for a treat if you do.

Review – The Babysitter by Phoebe Morgan

A woman is dead, a baby is missing, an affair is revealed. Two families are in turmoil. Interspersed with the dread over what has happened to the missing baby, The Babysitter shows us real people making poor choice for greedy, selfish and opportunistic reasons. A nice mystery to cosy up with.

Review – The First Lie by A. J. Park

The premise can be ridiculous but a book will still engage me if other elements make it work. However if I don’t ‘get’ the characters and the plot goes from interesting to inexplicable to what the hell, then there’s very little to find appealing. The First Lie lost me early on the story and it never really recovered from there.

Review – The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Sign of Four relates the story of another mystery that Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson can sink their teeth into. A perplexing disappearance, mysterious letters, and magnificent lost treasure. It has all the elements that we know and love plus Victorian attitude a plenty.

Review – Gargantis by Thomas Taylor

Gargantis is another cracking read, full to the brim with more sinister happenings in Eerie on Sea. Verdict: Lovely place to visit, too scary to live there, never a moment’s peace. A thrilling middle grade mystery.

Review – Nothing Important Happened Today by Will Carver

As the novel is interspersed with vignettes on cults, their leaders, serial killers and victims, Will Carver has thoughtfully given us (the reader) enough context and examples to assist us in the hunt for the leader and other members of the group, so we are not reliant on the police who appear incapable of solving this in a prompt and satisfactory manner.