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July 2021 Recap

Recap – July 2021

Sometimes there is too much to write and it’s easier to summarise visually.

Check out my recap for July 2021, I went big and read like crazy. Some month are great like that.

Recap – March 2020

Despite all that was happening, I still managed to read some great books in March and one of them naturally took the top spot. My book of the month went to the advance review copy of Corporate Gunslinger: A Novel by Doug Engstrom. It was a compelling read about a world quite similar to this one: inequalities in our society and crushing debt, how very timely

Books read in December 2019

Books Read Recap – December 2019

t has to be said the Christmas interfered with my planned reading schedule. Am I annoyed.. not so much. Christmas, was fun, haphazard. Busy in parts and thankfully lazy days on others – in short, had a great time

Books Read Recap – November 2019

It’s done and dusted and I’ve read mightily in November, including rereads of childhood favourites .  Check out the recap to see how it went. Find out here if I read all the books I said...