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January 2021 Preview newsletter

Monthly Preview – January 2021

January 2021 and I’m hoping to start as I mean to go: reading and blogging. Off to a good start at the moment, mainly because the selection is great.
But it should be, as I choose them..

Monthly Preview – May 2020

May looks good to go. I have a few ARCs scheduled and a couple in particular that I’m looking forward to, Michelle Obama’s biography to listen to before I see the Netflix special and catching up on anything I should have read.

Recap – March 2020

Despite all that was happening, I still managed to read some great books in March and one of them naturally took the top spot. My book of the month went to the advance review copy of Corporate Gunslinger: A Novel by Doug Engstrom. It was a compelling read about a world quite similar to this one: inequalities in our society and crushing debt, how very timely

Monthly Preview – March 2020

Given all that is going on (for me personally) in March 2020, reading is taking a backseat this month. I’ve cut back on the usual extravagant list of books to read and will instead try where I can to catch up on the books that were missed in previous months. Fingers crossed.

Recap – February 2020

February was incredibly busy and made me face the realisation that as much as I love reading actual books, I don’t have the capacity to actually read them. I struggled to read six paperbacks, only getting around to two of my eagerly anticipated science fiction re-reads.

January Recap

Recap – January 2020

As the February’s Newsletter hinted at, January started slow. It wasn’t until the tail end of week two that I really started to get into my reading groove. Most were entertaining, a few were trying, so a mixed bag. Ultimately rewarding rather than disappointing month

February 2020 Newslettert

Monthly Preview – February 2020

February is Science Fiction month…mostly. I’ve gone to my backlist and will be rereading classics that I’ve ignored for far too long. Take a peek to see what I’ve got in store

January 2020 newsletter

Newsletter – January 2020

It’s the start of a new month, let’s find out what I’m planning on reading in January, the first month of the decade.
I’ve got to be honest, it feels a little unplanned and conversely a bit too jam-packed. Find out more in the newsletter here.

Books read in December 2019

Books Read Recap – December 2019

t has to be said the Christmas interfered with my planned reading schedule. Am I annoyed.. not so much. Christmas, was fun, haphazard. Busy in parts and thankfully lazy days on others – in short, had a great time