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Book Review - Alexander X

Review – Alexander X by Edward Savio

Before I finished listening to the audiobook of Alexander X, I was already searching online to see if the next in the series was out.  It was obvious that that must be another instalment...

Book Review - Maybe I Don't Belong Here

Review – Maybe I Don’t Belong Here by David Harewood

Because people are more aware of the impact of racism on mental and physical health and are willing to share openly to remove the stigma, there is hope that things can and will change. David Harewood’s memoir is an interesting and thoughtful read on this topic.

Book Review - Emily Noble

Review – Emily Noble’s Disgrace by Mary Paulson-Ellis

To die in your home and have no one notice your absence is particularly sad. This is the starting point for Emily Noble’s Disgrace by Mary Paulson-Ellis. The investigation into this death is the start of an intriguing mystery of the deceased and those looking into her death.

Book Review - Kissing Emma

Review – Kissing Emma by Shappi Khorsandi

Kissing Emma is an accurate and disheartening representation of current stories you hear time and time again in the news: young people caught up in a spiral of poverty, addiction and/or domestic violence with very few positive options to escape. These shouldn’t be familiar stories, we shouldn’t be desensitised, but we are.

Violet Title Card

Book Review – Violet by  S.J.I. Holliday 

Violet the character is deliciously written, her small reveals which are at turn disconcerting, unpleasant, or repellent eventually culminates into the realisation that she is dangerously obsessive, retaliatory and unpredictable. What a combination! Terrifying in real life, a boon for a story like this.