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Book Review - Hitched

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Marry in haste, repent at leisure, is the exact opposite of Hitched by J. F. Murray

Have I mentioned that I loved reading this book? If not then I have been remiss.

What’s Hitched All About?

It’s a romantic comedy featuring a bachelorette party in Vegas that goes wrong. And the bride ends up marrying her first love instead of her fiancé. Can she get divorced in a week! Right the wrong and marry her actual groom to be? Or will she find out that her heart and alcohol consumption chose well?

Hitched is laugh out loud fun, that is no exaggeration. Be careful where you are reading in case you disturb the peace with your frequent howls of laughter. Characters are great, the dialogue is sharp, witty and so, so funny.

What’s great about Hitched?

Whilst there might be stereotypical characters here and there: the meddlesome mum

‘Lord have mercy, people your age need serious help. It’s always trigger this, trigger that. You’re marrying a doctor and you’re suddenly nostalgic for a DJ? I have no words to describe how ridiculous that is.

 The crack team of friends all different and interesting

Good friends toast each other but great friends roast each other

it all plays out well. Despite a fiancé who’s wrong in so many ways. It’s a romance after all. It might take a while to get the happy ending but there usually is one. And we get some home truths such as

“Trust me, girls, the only weight a woman needs to lose is the weight of other people’s opinions

The Fiancé

Kate’s mum almost seems to love him more than Kate does and that can’t be good for the relationship. Norman is a headcase, made out to be an anal retentive fool, but done in such a way you rooted for his comeuppance .

The Husband

Trevor is the ultimate good guy, hotshot DJ but still willing to give the time of day to an old  girlfriend who stood him up.

That annoying plot device


Las Vegas

The city, its inhabitants and visitors were the true stars and have given me a real desire to visit one day.

Hitched is a 5 star read. Do yourself a favour and give yourself a Valentine’s Day treat.  Publication day is the 15th of Feb 2024. 

My thanks to NetGalley and Pan Macmillan for a digital copy of this book in exchange for a review.

5 Stars - It Was Amazing
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