Review – The Whistling by Rebecca Netley

Book Review - The Whistling
Book Review - The Whistling

The Whistling is an atmospheric ghost story, set in Iskar, a family home on Skelthsea a remote Scottish island.

Elspeth has taken on the job as a nanny to escape her recent tragedy.  She realises that she’s entering a role with some mystery because her new charge Mary is rendered mute after the unexplained death of her twin William.

Never for a moment would it have occurred to me that I would be entering a life that would take so many dark and strange directions and a house with such a presence.


What a set up. From the off, you know that it’s going to get more foreboding.

The stark yet beautiful Skelthsea and the ominous and decaying Iskar hint at their secrets surreptitiously.  When you add the furtive and peculiar inhabitants  you realise you’re in for a treat. 

The tension is kept high as through Elspeth attempts to comfort Mary and return her voice, increasingly more mystifying secrets and parallel similarities are revealed.

I felt the vibration of secrets.


Will the mystery ever be solved in The Whistling?

Elspeth and the reader find out together that there is more to the mystery that first assumed. Unexplained and sinister occurances are rife, allegiances are unveiled, mystery upon mystery abound.

Will we ever find out what happened to William and why Mary does not speak?

There is lot of foreshadowing which is rendered all the more unnerving through the excellent writing style, setting the scenes perfectly. No detail is wasted.  It is the things unsaid and inferred that made the gradual creeping menacing dread terrifying.

“After she had gone, I realized that she left me unaccountably a little afraid.”

The Whistling had all the hallmarks from the beginning of a gripping read, mysterious new assignment, atmospheric environment, family with secrets, damaged child with hidden trauma, uncanny incidents  and the subtle occurances of perplexing presences.

And it lived up to all of them, a cracking read.

 My thanks to NetGalley, author and publisher for a copy of this book in return for a candid review. 4 Stars

4 Stars - Really Liked It
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