Review – The Venue by T. J. Payne

Book Review - The Venue
Book Review - The Venue

Spoiler ridden and why

For the majority of reviews I do try to be spoiler free but some books do warrant a reveal. Often the spoiler is hidden behind a spoiler box and on rare occasions the review is spoiler ridden from top to bottom, like now. My only defence is that if you’ve read the synopsis of The Venue below, you would have probably guessed that there would be some/lots/a humongous amount of horror/gore/comedic elements. Any if you didn’t, well…that’s on you!

Book Cover

Welcome to THE VENUE
Where the super rich can get away from it all.
…and get away with anything they want.

You’re invited to Caleb Hunt’s wedding!
Sure, you haven’t spoken since you two had a falling out in high school, but Caleb has gotten over that. He’s a forgiving person. It was all a misunderstanding. He credits you with turning him into the man he is today.
He wants to repay you and everyone else from his life with an invitation to his destination wedding.
An all-expense paid trip to a luxurious resort.
High up in the Alps.
Secluded and private.
Please RSVP.
It’s sure to be a killer party.

My Take

Drawing from the intriguing premise of a revenge wedding that spirals into a fight to the death, The Venue is a rollercoaster of emotions and suspense. You could say that the plot is farfetched and the characters one-dimensional, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But and it’s a big one, the book’s audacity is its crowning glory. It’s a narrative that doesn’t shy away from the implausible, making it a 5-star read for those who appreciate audacity in storytelling.

So just how gory is The Venue?

I would describe The Venue as a B-horror movie in book form, complete with stilted dialogue and outrageous set pieces—like a cake frosted with cyanide. Yet, it’s this very audacity that makes it a page-turner. The book takes risks that many wouldn’t dare to, and it’s this boldness that makes it stand out. It’s not a book for everyone, but for those who can suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride, it’s a thrilling experience.

The concept is fantastic, and whether you are divided on if it fully delivered on its promise for some aspects, you have to admit that it offers a unique blend of horror and drama that keeps you hooked till the end. I’m not going to say that it’s Marmite: you’ll either love or hate, because The Venue isn’t a vile savoury food spread that you will only voluntarily eat because you were introduced to it when you were an immobile child (with little choice in the matter). However before I go off on a further tangent, let me summarise: reading The Venue is like eating Marmite for the first time, you certainly won’t forget it anytime soon.

5 Stars - It Was Amazing
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