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Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog in October 2019 because I like reading, writing and at the time had capacity to put that in practice. Please have a read on the About Me page for further information

How many books do you have/ have read?

Throughout my lifetime I’ve read hundreds of books but the internet doesn’t know which books they are, thus I’m in the process of changing that. Check out the my Goodreads profile for more detail. On Goodreads I will be updating  to show the books that I currently own, have read and what is living on my Kindle

What are you reading now / this month?

Have a look on the sidebar on each webpage and that will let you know what I’m currently reading. My monthly book reads list is here.

Will there be book reviews for all the books that you read?

As a minimum, there’s likely to be a mention on Goodreads or Twitter , even if only a sentence summary.  However dependent on time, workload and the book itself, will determine whether I feel the need to write a book review or book brief. That said, I will always give it a rating out of 5.Please see my Star Rating system here.

Where can I follow you on social media?

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and Facebook

How Can I contact You?

Please use social media (links above) or you can email me here

Will there be ads on the website?

This is something I am considering.

How can I unsubscribe from this blog?

Please use the unsubscribe link which is included in every email sent to you. Sorry to see you go, but it was great knowing you.

Blog Posts

How often will you update this blog?

The aim is to complete a minimum of one post every week, however it really does depend on how often I finish a book. I am happy to discuss my viewing habits or hobbies but really want this to be primarily about books.

What types of posts can I expect to read on this blog?

  • Book Brief : a succinct and on occasion, immediate assessment of a book.  This may if time or inclination permit, be updated to a book review
  • Book Review: relatively detailed evaluation of my reading experience
  • Bookshelf & Reservations: any library related book news or book reviews
  • General: include anything vaguely related to reading and books, this could also include music and film/tv/streaming platforms
  • Music: anything and everything music related
  • Reading Campaign and National Initiatives: if there are any campaigns I’ve seen in print or social media with a focus on a particular genre or issue that I am joining in with.
  • Watching or Viewing: anything series, film or short that is keeping my eyes away from a book

Why are there music references in blog posts and other communications?

Well I like music, listen to it everyday and have the type of personality that when I like a song, I really like it and can listen to it – that one song – for hours at a time on repeat. Often I will have a song in mind that evocative of a particular book, or I might be reading and listening at the same time.

Book Reviews

My reviews

My reviews can on occasion be … not straightforward but rather, my thoughts as reading it and feelings invoked – so utterly random. My writing style is my own. I’m not a professional.  I’m a reader who gives her opinion on what she’s read.

How long does it take to review a book?

 My reading schedule means that I have a 6-8 weeks turn around on reading a book and supplying a full book review.

Why are some of the books you review old or marked as a reread?

I am going through my back catalogue because I want to. I’m rereading books that I love and haven’t reviewed yet and books that I should have read but haven’t to date.

I generally rate and review each book I read or listen to or one or more social media accounts – short pithy tweets or Amazon reviews. However, in this renewed spirit of sharing, books I read from now on will be consistently reviewed to varying degrees on social media platforms. This blog will allow me to write longer and more thoughtful reviews and also ramble on about related topics.  

Do you read other reviews of books before you read and review it?

Yes, sometimes but I will only note in my reviews the things that resonated with me.

What is your style of reviewing books?

This based on the book, sometimes they warrant a long review which goes off on a tangent, whereas others are short and to the point. I can never determine in advance of reading a book, which it will be.

Do you post positive or negative reviews?

All reviews are given honestly irrespective of whether I purchased the book myself or was  given a copy for the purpose of the review.

I like reading and tend to read books that I think I will like so I’m not in the habit of giving poor or negative reviews.  The only reason that would come about is if I am disappointed in the book for some reason.  But I provide a balanced approach and note things which I do like.

I do not like criticising authors.  I admire what they do and appreciate how hard it is to write a short story or novel and the achievement that is. The difficulty is that I can only state my opinions on what I read. Furthermore, I can’t say that I liked something if I didn’t.

Do you post spoilers?

I try not to reveal detailed scenes and full plot details especially if it is a new release. However, if I feel a review needs to include a detail which is pivotal I will include it behind a reveal button. But if the review can’t be written without spoilers galore then that will be noted at the top of the page.

Mailing List and Other communications

Why do you want me to sign up to a mailing list?

Subscribing to the blog is optional but it’s an easy way to access the content I produce without having to come back to the website directly.

What are the different types of communication that you will be sending me?

When I mention Engrossed Reader’s communication it can encompass, one or more of the list below

Privacy, Data and Cookie Policy

What happens to my personal data?

If you have shared your contact details including email address with me for the purpose of a comment, query or subscribing to the newsletter or mailing list, it will be used only for that purpose. Please read the privacy and cookie policy for further details.