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Book Review - The Seawomen

Review – The Seawomen by Chloe Timms

The Seawomen impressed with its slow start building up to a satisfying end. Whilst predictable and obvious: ‘power corrupts’, it wasn’t told in an overt way, you had to pay attention. A book that resonates.

Book Review - The Bone Shard Daughter

Review – The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart

The Bone Shard Daughter is a satisfying though wanting end to a novel on human experience. What makes us human? Are humans made or born? Indentured servitude or slavery, is one worst or better? What is the alternative? Is it acceptable to do unacceptable things for the greater good? Who defines the greater good?
Plus there’s magic, mystery, and fantasy

Book Review - Jade, Fire Gold

Review – Jade Fire Gold by June CL Tan

Xianxia novels are high-fantasy stories that feature magic, demons, ghosts, magical beasts, immortals, and Chinese folklore and mythology. Jade Fire Gold is a really great read and I’m hoping there is a sequel or at the very least another book in this universe.

Book Review - Maybe I Don't Belong Here

Review – Maybe I Don’t Belong Here by David Harewood

Because people are more aware of the impact of racism on mental and physical health and are willing to share openly to remove the stigma, there is hope that things can and will change. David Harewood’s memoir is an interesting and thoughtful read on this topic.

Blog Post All Systems Red

Review – All Systems Red by Martha Wells

When you find a book that resonates, is fun, interesting, engaging and well written, you can’t help but wallow in the warm glow of bookish love. Murderbot is a character that will either grow on you (before the end of chapter 1) or you will adore instantly, there are no other options.