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Godless - Mute Cat Chronicles - Book 2

Review – Godless by Derek Porterfield

Godless by Derek Porterfield, picks up directly where Book 1 of the Mute Cat Chronicles ended. We pause for a moment and then are flung back into this ripping yarn about resistance in a techno-religious city. When power corrupts who will take a stand?

No-Mod by Derek Porterfield 

No-Mod takes place in a techno-religious city, where the marginalised include those without biomedical modification. Addie’s search for answers takes her on the run revealing more about this autocratic world than she had envisaged. Riveting YA read with little details that make it a pleasure to read. I am looking forward to the sequel.

Review – On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

Bri is a typical teenager, rash, impulsive but also thoughtful. I found her annoying in part but realistic at heart. You too will want Bri to win on talent alone and make the right choices, because she deserved it , but this isn’t a fairy tale, the reality is, being talented isn’t enough. On The Come Up is a fantastic read about making choices and fighting against stereotypes.

Review – Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger starts with a good premise: a tween who’s not like everyone else.This is a generalisation or more accurately a truism, that most people want to feel necessary, be important and it’s set up from the beginning of the novel that Sophie is all that and more.

Not Your Idol

Review – Not Your Idol, Vol. 1

Insight into the aftermath of the assault of an idol and how she’s been affected. Vol 1 didn’t quite deliver on the backstory and it feels like not a lot has happened or been explained

Book Review – The Secret Commonwealth by Phillip Pullman

It was beautifully written and thoroughly engaging but left me feeling empty afterwards despite what had been gained: greater insight into Lyra herself, the world around her and the tendrils which were reaching out to her. It felt like filler. Nothing substantial happened on this quest.