About Me

About Me


Call me Ennie Reader, I’m a middle aged female living in in England, UK. Currently, I read more than I write, but considered that now was the time to change that.

Reading History

I’ve have been an avid reader since I was a child and to this day, have a handful of favourites that I’ve hung onto.  I find books evocative in and of themselves, and of the period when I read them.  I have to admit it, I am a rereader and the memory of knowing I enjoyed a book, but have forgotten the fine details, means I get to relish it all over again but with the certainty that it will be great.

 I loved it enough to read it again, is one of my accolades

I have favourite authors and genres but am always open to going outside my comfort zone and take pride in the fact that even if I’m frustrated by the machinations of a character or plot, I persevere onwards to the finish. It is on the rarest of occasions that I give up and admit defeat by book*.

Current Reading

I take pleasure in reading in all formats and find audiobooks a particular joy, especially when I want to read but don’t have the time or capacity. I mainly read ebooks as it’s more convenient and assists with the self-imposed limit of one bookcase per room…and hallways.

My reading list is fairly long: it’s stashed on my Kindle, books beside the bedside, and books ordered from the library or library apps such as BorrowBox, RB Digital or Libby. I tend to choose books based on a mixture of social media posts, reviews and recommendations.  For newly published books (1 year old and less) I may only read the blurb before adding to the ‘to read book list’ thus giving me the opportunity to make up my own mind.  For older books, it’s probable that I’ve read reviews, however I generally evaluate reviews as a whole to determine themes and outliers.

Too many books and not enough time to read them, makes that a necessity

I am open to reading books offered by authors, publishers or via reviewing websites and will always give an honest opinion to my experience reading it.

I purchase most of my books as eBooks primarily via Amazon Kindle which explains why the majority of links go to the Amazon or Goodreads websites. 

I generally rate and review each book I read or listen to – short pithy tweets or occasional Amazon reviews. Occasionally, a snippet is tweeted or posted on Goodreads before they become a book review for this blog.

Why start a blog?

In 2019, I’d found myself rereading my favourites and books of a similar genre.  And long story short decided to write a blog.  What’s the connection you may ask between those two, well its extensive and convoluted so I’ll spare you the details, bar the following:

  • One of the aims of starting the blog was to push my genre boundaries and
  • Another was to read unread books sat on my bookshelf (physical and virtual).  

And coincidentally, it was also Black History Month 2019, which was another big incentive. Thus either the stars were aligned, or it was fortuitous timing to start reading in earnest.

What can you (visitor or subscriber) expect?

What is in it for you the visitor or subscriber to the website?  Well I would hope to introduce you to some of my favourites books and authors and hope to receive recommendations too. 

However, it is completely a self-indulgent exercise.  Notably in the style of reviews that I write and the fact that I am actively going through my back catalogues, so there will be many reviews of books 20-30 years old (not classics in the truest sense of the word) that I read as a child/teen.

In summary, there are books that I will be rereading, books that have been idling on the bookshelf -real and virtual -that I’ve never read and want to get around to and obviously new books being released. 

All in all, a good mixture of rereads, old favourites, discovering ones that I should have read by now and new releases.

No doubt, once I’ve read a book, I’m likely to want to give a review but that is not always a certainty. However, a review may be found on one or more of my social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and Facebook) in addition to a blog post.

This blog will allow me to write longer and more thoughtful reviews and also ramble on about related and unrelated topics.

The plan is that there will be weekly blog posts (sometimes more), monthly newsletters and occasional emails.  Naturally it depends on how much I read and how busy I am elsewhere.

Check out my monthly reading schedule to see what I’m planning on reading in a specific month.

October 2019

2020 Update

So the above remains the same, however like everyone else, 2020 has been a year of uncertainty and change. This has massively impacted my reading schedule as ultimately I am a mood reader who can conform to a schedule in ‘normal times’. A pandemic isn’t business as usual, thus toward the middle of the year my reading habit dwindled. To find out more detail read the blog post The Pause

Thankfully, my joy of reading is on its way back and I’m looking forward to 2021 where I can commence setting my monthly reading goals and actually achieving them.

PS: if you have any questions, please head over to the Frequently Asked Questions first before you contact me.

*This statement was pre pandemic. Pandemic has led to lots of starts and stops. Culminating in ‘this isn’t the right time for this book, so I’m putting it down now with the hope that I will read it at some point in the future’. You can see the books that I was planning on reading but decided not too. They are on my Goodreads shelf under here – ‘to catch up with’.