Review – Thirteen Ways to Kill Lulabelle Rock by Maud Woolf

Book Review - Thirteen Ways To Kill Lulabella Rock

Thirteen Ways to Kill Lulabelle Rock by Maud Woolf is an entertaining and thought-provoking science fiction novel that explores themes of identity, autonomy, and the human experience. The story, set in a near-future world, revolves around the protagonist, Lulabelle Rock, an actress who creates multiple clones of herself, referred to as Portraits, to manage her demanding celebrity lifestyle. The plot focus is how the book starts when she creates a thirteenth clone with the sole purpose of eliminating the other twelve.

Say what?

Too many questions are raised from the get go.

Why does Lulabelle want to kill her clones?

Regardless of the reason(s), valid or frivolous, why doesn’t she kill the clones herself?

Why make a clone to kill her other clones?

Ok so I’m interested, if only to get my questions answered. To say anything more about the plot would be spoilerish so I’ll talk around it.

What keeps you reading Thirteen Ways to Kill Lulabelle Rock

 The narrative style is engaging, with the story unfolding in a way that keeps you wanting to know more. The reader ends up on an exploration of themes related to clones, self-identity, and individuality. Each clone, or Portrait, in the story is distinct, possessing unique characteristics and personalities, which raises profound questions about what it means to be an individual and the nature of selfhood.

What else keeps you reading Thirteen Ways to Kill Lulabelle Rock

Humour is  woven into the novel, providing a satirical take on celebrity culture and the absurdities of modern life. It also delves into the concept of autonomy, challenging us the reader to consider the extent of control one has over their life and decisions, especially in a world where cloning blurs the lines of individuality and existence.

Overall, Thirteen Ways to Kill Lulabelle Rock is a pleasant read that offers enough themes and ideas in this sci-fi story  to keep you interested right up until the end . A solid debut from Maud Woolf.

My thanks to Angry Robot Books and NetGalley for a digital copy of this book in exchange for a review.  And also the opportunity to be on the blog tour.

3 Stars - Liked It
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