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Welcome 2021

Living life dangerously, once again I make plans for the year ahead. Take a peek at what they are to see if I’ve incorporated lessons learnt from the pandemic blues of 2020?

2020 Wrap Up

Did I meet my reading goal for 2020? What did I watch during the pandemic? Read on to find the answers to this and more including the winners of the annual book awards

Merry Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 as expected was different to ‘normal’ but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t celebrate.

Catch Up: The Pause

When you notice you’re in a reading slump, what do you do? In my case, I navigated my way through by listening to music and other distraction tactics. Read on to find out how well that worked.

2020 - Crystal Ball

2020 Plans

2020 looks unplanned, open to opportunities and new developments. I like the sound of that.

xmas blog pic

Merry Christmas 2019

Here we at Christmas Eve and finally I’m into the swing of things. Today I finished the audiobook of A Christmas Carol, this classic tale is always worth revisiting.

Reading Theme – Wrap Up

I can’t ignore the tight plots and good writing which illuminates and doesn’t glare, introduces and doesn’t stomp. Stories that take you on a journey you enjoy for the duration and not just in parts.

Book of the Month – November 2019

The message I got from this book was when you believe in yourself when you acknowledge the belief that someone has in you, everything is possible. You find a strength you didn’t even know you had to fight, to stand up for yourself and be a leader. This invokes the times Amani has referenced Binta telling Amani to be brave, as if Binta knew that despite appearances and past behaviour, Amani could be brave.

Reading Theme – November 2019

These books can be classed as young adult romances, modern day fairy tales or coming of ages stories – supernatural or otherwise. But at the heart they are about how young people and adults react and deal with ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.