Review – In Every Mirror She’s Black by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Book Review - In Every Mirror She's Black
Book Review - In Every Mirror She's Black

Three Black women are linked in unexpected ways to the same influential white man in Stockholm as they build their new lives in the most open society run by the most private people.

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What I liked about In Every Mirror She’s Black

Got mixed feelings on this one. Loved the insight into Sweden’s homogeneity, micro aggressions in everyday life, racism at home and abroad and prejudice in all its forms that affected the three protagonists in this novel. However the execution let it down.

What I didn’t like about In Every Mirror She’s Black

I couldn’t get my head around these women and their choices. I get that you can make poor choices, followed by doubling down, until you’ve reached the stage of sunk-cost fallacy and common sense is out the window. But there must be a point where you get a reality check and evaluate what the hell is going on in your life.

There are important themes here, and events and dialogue that made me think, unfortunately outweighed by the crass undeveloped characterisation of these black women and their focus on white men.

So in short

Despite all said, I did enjoy this book, my disappointment is more because I expected to love it.

My thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this eArc.

2 Stars - It Was Okay
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