Review – Jade Fire Gold by June CL Tan

Book Review - Jade, Fire Gold
Book Review - Jade, Fire Gold

You may not be able to change the past, but with each action, you can change the future

Jade Fire Gold

Thank you NetGalley for this eArc, and apologies to the author for the delay in reading and reviewing Jade Fire Gold which is a fantastic book.

My only excuse is that books can and are read on any/all occasions, however there is always an ideal time to read a particular book. Ideal is subjective and can be as prosaic as time available, right frame if mind to indescribable such as the stars aligning. Suffice to say, when you find it…well, it is perfection.

I’ve tried to read this book at least three times prior to today, but never got beyond the first chapter. When I request an ARC, I do plan on reading it in plenty of time to provide a review prior to publication, however the pandemic reading slump really hindered that habit. Anyway, that said, recently scrolling through my Kindle reminded me that this was on my TBR. I picked it up and was enthralled.

There is a time for everything.

Let’s start with the good stuff about Jade Fire Gold

I was going to begin with Ahn and Altan had the worst start in life but that would be wrong. Both born into nobility, high society and circumstances derail the direction of their life. They experience tragedy, sacrifice and pain, that’s where the book starts.

We have mistaken and hidden identities, secrets and the end of the world at stake.

How much pressure can we place on these teens?

Plenty as they are resilient and have magical abilities.

And follow up with what I loved

The rich history that was evoked, the characters, they were real and while occasionally annoying, behaved in a realistic manner. Making choices appropriate to their character.

The story was on reflection the most common quest type – find an artefact that had global implications, and told well, coupled with great sidekicks. The pacing was in my opinion, right, yes it was long but necessary: lots of context to share. Unless explained very well, there is no excuse for non stop action and limited character development. Thankfully that wasn’t the case here.

I wouldn’t say the romance was subtle, yet it wasn’t too heavy handed and we weren’t subjected to a trite love triangle, something which can irritate me to distraction.

I really am thinking this is a 5 star read but know it’s because it’s tied up with hearing I Am Broken Too by Killswitch Engage in my playlist today.

It’s too apt

You carry this weight trying to cover your mistakes

To make it seem like nothing could ever break you

But I see right through

‘Cause I am broken too

In all the same places as you

And if you needed proof

I’ll reopen my wounds

Reopen the wounds

I see myself in you (In you)

I know you can make it through…

I Am Broken Too by Killswitch Engage

A really great read and hoping there is a sequel or at the very least another book in this universe.

Xianxia is now a favoured genre. From the Glossary: Xianxia novels are high-fantasy stories that feature magic, demons, ghosts, magical beasts, immortals, and Chinese folklore and mythology.

4 Stars - Really Liked It
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