How I was introduced to Murderbot

Book Post - Murderbot

In other words, what I got up to this weekend

What reading a book what piques your interest is often the book title, cover or even synopsis. You know it’s going to be special when it’s a character’s name.  The name Murderbot invokes so much curiosity. 

Who is Murderbot

A robot, cyborg, construct, killer, vigilante.

What type of world features a murderous robot?

Already I think it’s one I’m going to enjoy spending time visiting.

But let me step back

There’s no point bemoaning that I’m only finding out about this series now.  Because as the saying goes – better late than never and things happen for a reason and there’s a time of everything

So with clichés out of the way, I’m glad for my Goodreads feed which recently featured the latest book in this series. Book 6!  Hearing the name got me interested, reading the cover of Book 1 (All Systems Red) cemented that interest and got me searching for a copy.

The Library To The Rescue

You may have read in previous blog posts that I’m always looking to spend less money on my book addiction.  If I can find my next read from the library, a subscription or book trial that I’m currently signed up for, I’m a happy reader.

Searching through my elibraries and All Systems Red is only in one. Its disappointing news. Based on the screenshot below, I won’t be reading this book anytime soon/ this year.  Still, it doesn’t stop me from joining a massively long list when I make a reservation.

elibrary reservation for All Systems Red

The Obsession Has Begun

Having done that, It only take me a minute to start looking elsewhere.

Scribd is one of my trials and it has really proven useful in the last month.  It includes books, audiobooks, magazines and other options which I haven’t even tried yet, Sheet Music, Magazines, Podcast, Snapshots and Documents.  The only thing that is putting me off signing up after the trial is the poor reviews.  And the poor reviews all relate the customer service when trying to end membership.   Stay tuned to see what happens in a month or two and if I’m still singing Scribd praises.

Scribd has all a lot of the Murderbot series on audiobook, which is good news but I really, really want to read the words.  I end up getting the kindle book too.

That’s how I ended up reading All Systems Red twice in a weekend.

Read the book review here.

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