Recap – February 2020

No newsletter (Books Read Recap) this month and an abbreviate blog post too! See me shaking my fist at busy here

February was incredibly busy and made me face the realisation that as much as I love reading actual books, I don’t have the capacity to actually read them.  I struggled to read six paperbacks, only getting around to two of my eagerly anticipated science fiction re-reads. 

Completing a quick self assessment of my reading habits and it became evident that I read mainly at night and in poor light so the kindle or even my phone is a blessing in that regard. Allowing me to read in bed a midnight or 5am and the only one disturbed is me.

So instead of reading my lovely curated backlist, I picked up several digital advance copies to feed the reading hunger.  Fortunately, I was able to whizz through as they were on the kindle and for the most part they hit the spot but it wasn’t the same.

The main benefit for reading on a device is  I can always read the book that I want to when I want.  Poor planning on my part meant that I forgot to move books when I swapped handbag in anticipation of my one off extra long commute, leaving me annoyed and utilising  what was on my phone instead.

See me shaking my fist at busy here again.

Anyhoo, February was full of reading, centred mainly around children – middle grade and younger. I read most of the scheduled books – (kindle), and succumbed to the lure of Valentine’s Day with a couple of non traditional romances (here and here).

I read this in February

Book of The Month

Book of the month was On The Come Up by Angie Thomas – it was fierce, fearless and uplifting.  Will be on the lookout for more of her books. Review due imminently. I’m behind with everything this month

Meh of the month 

Is a tie between two ARCs.  I need to find another word, as my go to for meh books, is ‘unsatisfying’ but it sums it up exactly: Not Your Idol, Vol. 1, by Aoi Makino: a Manga, had a great plot marred by random happenstance (review here) and Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger starts with a good premise and goes quickly downhill with an inane amount of irrelevant details (review here) .

There are reviews already posted for most of the book listed here barring one or two which are on their way.

Looking ahead

March looks will be quieter on the reading front mainly as it’s insanely busy and as a consequence  is naturally working out that way.  March’s blog post here will explain more.

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