Bank Holiday Preview – August 2022

Bank Holiday Reading List - Aug 2022
Bank Holiday Reading List - Aug 2022

A random assortment I know but that’s the joys of a library haul

My bank holiday weekend in a photo. I shall spend most of it reading, resting and enjoying a BBQ if the weather holds.

⚔️Slaine to remind me of my mini #2000adcomic obsession as a teen

📗She-Hulk to flesh out the Disney+ show we’ve started to watch. The kids know more about this character being players of Marvel Contest of Champions. I seem to have forgotten everything from Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

🚛Alice isn’t Dead because I’m sure it’s on my tbr list. It felt familiar when I was reading the synopsis. Road trips, even scary ones, are fun

💀Dark Cities because you can’t beat tales of urban terror. I am such a horror fan.

I will have to leave this chair at some point…maybe to read in the garden as the weather looks good. 😎

Wish me well on my sedentary bank holiday.

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