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Series: Michael Recycle



  • Title: Michael Recycle meets Borat The Space Cat
  • Series: Michael Recycle
  • Author: Ellie Patterson
  • Genre: Children’s Fiction
  • Source: Edelweiss
  • Publisher: Diamond Books
  • Publication Date: 17 March 2020
  • Format: Kindle
  • Number of Pages: 24

It was a tie between what caught my attention first with this book, the title: Michael Recycle meets Borat The Space Cat, which I  guess was looking for directions to tongue twister territory or the cover with the vivid colours and lovely illustration of Michael and Borat

It’s the near future and Earth is on the brink of an environmental apocalypse. Michael Recycle is desperate to reverse the situation when suddenly a visitor from another galaxy enters Earth’s atmosphere–Borat The Space Cat! Borat not only has ideas to help Michael stop Earth spiraling into the disaster zone but he wants to SHOW Michael just how sustainability can really be done. The intergalactic cat takes Michael back to his own planet–Splearth–a planet very similar to our own but in a parallel universe where only cats have survived and reversed the fate of their planet. Oh and let’s not forget the vegan vikings that helped out too.

It might not be too late to help Earth reverse its fate and if anyone can, Borat can!

What’s it’s about

This rhyming tale about  environmentalism conveys the importance and relevance of this topic in a tailored way for this age group or for those who require a simplistic introduction.  Michael Recycle meet an intergalactic cat, from a parallel universe who shows what Earth is facing if we (humans)  and  our world leaders don’t change our attitude, actions and start taking care of the environment. 

This is a moral tale but not preachy with it.  It communicates the urgency of this issue, but lets the reader know that they can make a difference, in fact if every country helps, we can reverse the damage to Earth to make it sustainable for future generations.

What I liked

I liked the colour palette used; the deep purples and lime greens were lush.  The aliens (cats) were incredibly sweet – I’m a fan of giant eyes that take up much of a face, and the half moon shape was spot on.  Actually, each illustrated character was ideally  matched to the text.

Michael Recycle meets Borat The Space Cat is a great tale  for anyone with an interest in environmental issues and those who would like an introduction to this topic.

Finally, do pay more attention than I did and note that this book is number six in a series. I’m not sure what Michael Recycle has gotten up to previously, but I will be on the lookout to see what other adventures  he has been on.

My thanks for Edelweiss, Idea & Design Works and Diamond Books for an advance copy in return for a candid review.

3 stars – Liked It

Michael Recycle, book 6 star rating
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