Monthly Preview – May 2020

Running way behind again but at least I’ve decided on what I’m reading in May.

Whilst I may not have posted in a while, I’ve still been reading. Which is good…but also bad because I have a stack of reviews to write!

So far in May (apart from busy at home and work) I’ve attended a Zoom book club to discuss Girl Woman Other by Bernardine Evaristo which was interesting. Nice to have similar and differing opinions presented and better yet new insights into this captivating novel. Thank you to @OurWomensWrites for slotting me in.

I have a few ARCs scheduled and a couple in particular that I’m looking forward to, Michelle Obama’s biography to listen to before I see the Netfilx special and catching up on anything I should have read.

Twitter has recommended many books to me this month. But I’m going to hold off in adding to the list and see what happens organically, I already have plenty of good reads on the go and more in the pipeline.

But before I end this brief interlude, I must say how enthralled I am with The Child/Baby Yoda. And a little sad to know that there are only 8 episodes for this first season.  So far The Mandalorian has been great.  Makes me want to start watching Stars Wars right from the beginning again. Now that’s a plan I could commit to.

Happy Reading

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