Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas 2023
Merry Christmas 2023

It’s Christmas Day.

I hope that if you don’t have the day off, you get to do something for you at some point this holiday season.

Christmas Day Routine

I shall be lounging around until it’s time to make Christmas Dinner, reading, listening to music, watching tv, losing badly at Monopoly (because it’s insufferably long) and perhaps enjoying a present or two. Christmas Day we’re usually at home because I can’t be doing with travelling on the day, I don’t mind visitors but I don’t want to visit. Christmas Eve and Boxing Day are our traditional visiting days.

My Christmas Wishes

I’m sure you’re dying to know what’s on my wish list. My genuine wish is for peace; this year has been tumultuous. 2024 needs to be different.

But for a wish that money could buy, probably a new ereader, which is more of a want than a need. Since I’m still looking at different models, its’ more of a Christmas 2024 item rather than for this year.

Christmas wishes do come true

Murderbot is coming to town!

Said in a repeated screaming overly excited tone

I’ve thought about it on and off and considered that I didn’t want to jinks it by asking and then getting a terrible cast and production.

But they knew and it is happening.

Apple TV are going to produce a series based on the wonderful character Murderbot. That good news is here. I shall go back to when I was first introduced to Murderbot in 2021 and consider whether I want to start reading All Systems Red in December 2023 or January 2024. I think I can wait patiently until 2025 as long as appears that they are doing a good job. This is why I’m waiting patiently for Halo Season 2 and not complaining one bit.

This day has started out well and I’m going to assume it’s going to get better, what with Christmas magic and whatnot.

Merry Christmas and keep on reading.

PS, Unvoiced Wish

I’m secretly challenging myself to get to 52 books this year, I don’t know how that’s possible given I started reading in earnest from October. It looks like a book a day which will be tight… but with Christmas magic it could actually happen. We shall see!

Check out my Goodreads 2023 Challenge to see how I’m getting on

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