Welcome 2021

In the first post of January 2020, I ended with the following:

2020 looks unplanned, open to opportunities and new developments. I like the sound of that

2020 was all that and more.  I would like to start a post that doesn’t mention the pandemic but unfortunately it won’t be this one.

All my plans went up in the air, so this time, this year I will have much more flexible plans and the benefit of hindsight.

My slimline goals for 2021 are as follows

  • Keep on reading regardless
  • Keep on writing reviews, and the monthly newsletters
  • Keep on developing  my faith through bible groups and devotions.

What am I looking forward to

  • Joining a new book club – they seem quietly efficient in administration and selection of books, which I really like.  There’s already a 3 months plan of identified books.  Better get reading so I can join in January’s discussion.

The New

  • Acknowledging that time is my most precious resource and that’s what I’ll be spending my efforts on maximising this year

No change

  • Being extra busy with work, but hopefully being more efficient and arranging my time, will mean that I can get round to everything or at the very least prioritise well.

The Unknown

  • Certainty would be great.  Being in and out of Lockdowns and Tiers made it awkward in places but perseverance is a virtue, so will be striving towards that.

And finally, in my reading not to take things for granted and to give myself the grace and space to relax and enjoy reading.  In other words accept that I am a mood reader and go with the flow.

And We Are Off

I’m finalising my January book list as we speak  It will be modest: have a few Advance Review Copies (ARCs) from last year that I haven’t gotten round to, a couple that have made themselves irresistible and library reservations that must be read. Fingers crossed that the plan comes together.  I’m cautiously optimistic as I’ve already read one book today – thank you bank holiday, only nine more to go this month!  January Preview Newsletter to follow shortly.

Happy New Year

PS I’m in the process of updating the website’s theme, which means there might be links or widgets that are not working as they should, please bear with me. And failing that, send me an email to let me know what’s amiss.

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