Listening in 2023

Engrossed Reader's Music Recap - 2023
Engrossed Reader's Music Recap - 2023

I haven’t written a music post in some time but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been listening. In between my last post and now I changed music subscription services from Amazon Music to Spotify. No real reason why apart from a change is as good as a rest

2023 was the year of mostly listening to things I already knew I liked. That can be limiting but also a comfort.

New music: few and far between or every once in a while?

However every once in a while something different or new casually slipped in.

Nonpoint’s new EP Heartless was an early Christmas present in November. Every song has that hook, that makes it worthy of repeat listening. Can’t choose out of 5 songs so you have Golden Gloves and Paper Cuts

And back to the list

But much of my time I was still in my head listening on repeat. Check out if it was the same as previous years?

My Top Five Artists and Songs

Engrossed Reader's Top Songs and Artists 2023
Engrossed Reader’s Top Songs and Artists 2023

And the top spot goes to P.O.D. with the single Southtown

I didn’t think I was a a massive P.O.D. fan, however the stats don’t lie. They are touring the UK in 2024…

Engrossed Reader’s Top Songs in 2023

Feel free to have a scroll through my top songs of 2023 and have a listen to one or two of my favourites. You might find something new or better yet a reminder of firm favourite of your own.

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