Single – The Spell of Mathematics – Deftones

This is a little bit of a cop out as it’s very easy for me to choose a Deftones singles. The difficulty is in singling one out. They are a band I’ve liked for a long while. Back when they were practically nu-metal They are one of the bands that I will often talk about in passing as referenced in here.

Really I should be writing about which album makes me happiest

But all in good time.

So it’s clear I like the Deftones. But why? It’s not just because they’re one of the bands I liked as a teen – although there’s a special place in my heart for those bands I discovered then. It’s more than that. Off the top of my head the thing that stands out is that they defy categorisation, their sound is not one thing. By the time you list what you think their genre is/ should be – and the list would be long as their influences are wide – they subtly or massively change their sound.

And you’re left thinking, yes this is different, yet unmistakably, undeniably Deftones and it still rocks

The mood they create in their songs is an all encompassing atmosphere which surrounds you in a bubble. Deftones goes heavy, pulls in melody and Chino Moreno’s high notes, juxtaposed with the low, gives you a distinct blend of amazing. Plus, when you delve into the lyrics, well it’s a revelation: these guys understand, they get it, they know.

Why are they this week’s choice?

When the album Ohms was released (September 25, 2020), it came at a point where new music was a balm. The Spell of Mathematics was and still is for me the standout track of that album. I adore it beyond measure. I listened to it endlessly. Shared it with others. Watched people (mainly those new to Deftones) watching it on Youtube, hoping through their reaction that they got it too. And for the most part they did.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to introduce someone to a band you enjoy? Likewise, isn’t it a great feeling to see someone fall for a song you love

What’s to like?

Their lyrics are always profound. Take The Spell of Mathematics, it could be a straight forward love song, or the explanation of a twisted relationship, even metaphorically as a larger struggle. It means what you want it to. That is the beauty, that it’s open to interpretation.

So far this week I’ve listened to it twice. Who knows how many times, it will be chosen specifically in the following days or surprise me when I select a playlist.

Enjoy the video

My Soundtrack this week looks like…

Old favourites

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