Christmas Viewing – 2023

Engrossed Reader - Christmas Viewing 2023 Blog Post
Engrossed Reader - Christmas Viewing 2023 Blog Post

Only Christmas Viewing in December? 😱

The first of December was a Friday, on Sunday I decide totally out of the blue, that I want to watch a Christmas related tv episode or film each day. Starting three days late, of course already I’m behind!

But what is the purpose of life if not for a little challenge or stretch task.

I think I can squeeze in some Christmas and unrelated Christmas viewing in December, there’s leave, public bank holidays. It’s doable.

Don’t tell me you’re going to watch old stuff or things you’ve seen already? πŸ₯Ή

Naturally as a re-reader, I’m going to be watching stuff that I’ve seen before that I think are worth a rewatch. Maybe some of this or that

I will let you know if I’m all Christmas out by the 31st and if I’ve met the challenge of watching 31 Christmas related things.

πŸŽ„Let the Christmas Viewing Challenge Commence πŸŽ„

Bring it on.

Merry Christmas and happy watching.

PS Don’t forget to scroll across to see my views on what I watched. You may agree or disagree with my review or think that I’m missing out on something great.

Let me know!

Happy to take recommendations, I’ve got plenty of days to fill and it’s a nice addition to reading. I will be mainly watching Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+

PPS. This post will be updated periodically over December 2023 so check back to see what else I’ve been watching over the holidays.

PPS. A few highlights to get you into the mood too

And to get you into the mood

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