Review – I Saw Santa’s Underpants by Bobbie Hinman

Book Review - I Saw Santa's Underpants
Book Review - I Saw Santa's Underpants

The holiday season often brings a flurry of new Christmas books, each vying for a spot in our festive traditions. This year, I came across “I saw Santa’s Underpants,” a book that attempts to be a whimsical classic but with all the competition ends up being middle of the road.

For picky adults like myself I’m focusing more on the gaps in the storyline rather than revelling in the fanciful nature of this story. It’s a silly festive tale that younger readers will enjoy for the rhyming and bright illustrations. Given that it’s a picture/board book, there’s no expectation that it would have the depths of a Christmas tale like Klaus but there was no harm in hoping.

My thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book, however it was a real pain to read on my kindle or even phone. It just wasn’t optimised as a picture book and each frame was bisected.

2 Stars - It Was Okay
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