Review – What’s Wrong With a Pet Dinosaur by Tony Philips

Book Review - What's wrong with a pet dinosaur
Book Review - What's wrong with a pet dinosaur

Laughs, guffaws, yucks and chuckles: That’s what’s waiting for you in Tony Philips’s collection of laugh-out-loud poetry for elementary readers, What’s Wrong with a Pet Dinosaur?

Inside, you’ll discover the secret letter that comes after Z, the bestest animal in the world, what pets do when their owners are away, and how to cope with a monster under your bed

Book Synopsis

This illustrated poetry book for younger readers is a collection of random observations. Some are more interesting than others. Not being the target audience, I didn’t find it hilarious, laugh out loud or good fun.

Hopefully my fun-o-meter isn’t broken.

My thanks to NetGalley and publishers for a copy of this digital book.

2 Stars - It Was Okay
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