Horror Week – October 2019

30th September 2019 to 6th October 2019

The day I decide to start a blog, I log onto Twitter to start engaging with the community while I work out how to build a website. To my delight, I see a tweet from GoodReads highlighting Horror Week.

The horror genre is a go-to choice and some of my top twenty books (a rotating list to be fair) falls into this group. It was hard to choose but I went with tried and tested favourites which I hadn’t read in a while.

It was great having a browse down memory lane as I narrowed down the selection on the bookshelf to the following books:

  • The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker
  • Necroscope by Brian Lumley
  • Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon
Books are photographed in the order that they were read


I was able to catch up with vampires, otherworldly beings, ghosts and the personification of evil.

  I liked it so much that I wrote a book review for each.  

Final Thoughts

It was a grueling week of back to back terror, fraught emotion and highs and lows. Naturally, as a fan of such things, I would do it again in a heartbeat. That said I’ve had my fill of spooky, scary and horror so Halloween will pass me by.

Roll on next year when hopefully I will be better prepared and not frantically writing reviews and reading, often simultaneously.

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