Review – Rosso Billionaires by Leslie North

Book Review -Rosso Billionaire
Book Review -Rosso Billionaire

I neglected to select a a light read for a brief holiday, something that I could dip in and out of when needed. After a quick search on NetGalley, what better choice than Rosso Billionaires: three novella’s about the Russo siblings. Billionaires are your new millionaires as far as Mills and Boon type of romances: luxury on tap, nothing is out of their reach. I’ve read enough of these types of books to now focus on romances which are more character driven rather than the lead’s ability to make things happen by throwing money at the situation.

Who are the Rosso Billionaires?

Each story follows a Russo heir and their forays in love after the death of their father and the fall out of the patriarchs will.

Formulaic or established romantic fiction tropes

Three pages into the first book and I had to pull myself aside and remind that I had to leave the snark behind. With these types of books, you’ve got to suspend belief on multiple occasions to enjoy. Otherwise, there’s only a limited number of  coincidences and misunderstanding that you can cope with.

Greek Billionaire’s Blackmailed Bride

This book focused on the only son Antonio and his lost love Claire.  They met years ago and Papa Russo broke up their fledgling romance with his meddling.  The meddling continues after death with Antonio forced to marry within a month or his inheritance and that of his sisters is lost. And by the way the family villa which everyone loves and where Mama Russo is buried, is left to Claire.

What a conundrum!  Papa Russo, you scamp!  Did you regret your earlier intervention and lack of grandchildren?

Naturally Antonio and Claire are still sexually attracted to each other and agree to get married for a month and then divorce. 

Of course they realise that they love it each other and remain married.

Greek Billionaire’s Forbidden Lover

The eldest Russo daughter Alexandra has recently realised that she has the hots for Antonio’s best friend, CEO (at Russo) and fellow billionaire Dareios.

Is this going to be creepy older brother’s friend who has boundary issues?

Dareios is honourable and doesn’t want to be beaten into a pulp by Antonio so whilst he is attracted to Alexandra, he keeps his playboy antics to other random socialites.  That’s until Alexandra makes her move and before you know it they’re on his superyacht with discreet staff and plenty of time on their hands. 

The voyage shows that they are probably made for each other, cue a family curse debunked and it’s confirmed, they’re soul mates. 

Voila another happy relationship to applaud.

Greek Billionaire’s Uncontrollable Attraction

Eva is the youngest Russo, 18 and looking to attend university. Creative, talented but can’t get into a dream degree programme. Coincidentally a loud person talking near by is the answer to her dream:  Callum an American  who can tutor her to get into the US college of her choice.

How fortuitous!

Through trial and error he finds her teaching style which accesses her brain power. Through a set of helpful events they find themselves alone at the Russo family home. Antonio warning aka threats now at a distance, no longer hold any sway and Callum is swept up in enthusiasm and attraction.

Was Eva technically a billionaire? Is this title appropriate?  Questions aside, their happy ever manifests as both  getting into college and coming out with degrees, with marriage to follow.

The book ends 3/4 years after it started and everyone is married or about to be and with kids.  The Russo name lives on.


These book highlight men known for their decision making at work taking this boss style into their personal lift until called out for it. Greek culture was lightly interwoven throughout, mainly with reference to food.  The sex scenes were okay and totally tame.  What I questioned was the use condoms. Yes it breaks up the reading of a sexual encounter but is still totally vital. Remember it’s not just for contraception but also for sexually transmitted disease.  The lack of condoms made me think that trust was always there for these relationships.

Because the only time you don’t use one the first time you sleep with someone is if you’ve got fluff for brains, get caught up in the moment, are pressured into believing that condoms are not necessary, or are forced 

So are the Rosso Billionaires fictional or realistic?

I’m very interested in billionaires who look like they were plucked from a gym advert.  Because real life billionaires appear to be ordinary looking men with little muscle tone. That’s why romantic fantasy is necessary. To allow one to dream and fantasise in a safe space, blending the real with the assumed.

PS Female billionaires fare better in that they range from the everyday to the well preserved.

My thanks to NetGalley and publishers’ for a copy of this eArc in exchange for a review

3 Stars - Liked It
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