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January Recap

Recap – January 2020

As the February’s Newsletter hinted at, January started slow. It wasn’t until the tail end of week two that I really started to get into my reading groove. Most were entertaining, a few were trying, so a mixed bag. Ultimately rewarding rather than disappointing month

February 2020 Newslettert

Monthly Preview – February 2020

February is Science Fiction month…mostly. I’ve gone to my backlist and will be rereading classics that I’ve ignored for far too long. Take a peek to see what I’ve got in store

2020 - Crystal Ball

2020 Plans

2020 looks unplanned, open to opportunities and new developments. I like the sound of that.

Album – We Are Not Your Kind

We Are Not Your Kind,:the stylistic and musical range is so wide, I’m sure there’s an entry point even for those who are not fans of metal. How can you not like one of these songs? It’s unfeasible.