2020 Plans

2020 - Crystal Ball
2020 - Crystal Ball

Who knows what the future will bring

I tend to be an organised person in a disorganised fashion so whilst it might look chaotic, there is a plan.  I like to think that others who can’t see through the organised chaos are really missing out and unfortunately I don’t have the time to share the fine details so either trust that it’s going to work out or not.

When I started thinking about reviewing books I’d read, to starting a blog.  I began to have grandiose ideas such as a forum, podcast, etc. Then reality kicked me in the face and said ‘small steps’ and ‘I aint got time for that‘.  Which I took to heart knowing that should it become so vast and unwieldly it would be unmanageable, another chore and just not fun any more.

Baby steps here we come

Bible Reading

I’m a practicing (going to Church almost weekly, saying grace, praying daily) Christian who doesn’t read the bible as much or as regularly as I should. 2020 is going to be my year of reading daily, not just one or two verses or devotionals.  I hoping to read the bible in the year and get deeper with some bible studies.  Depending on how that goes and time to write, there will be a monthly post to keep you updated.

Monthly Reading themes

This will continue and I will take my lead from any source including social media, recommendations or my own preference.

They will be as varied aka random as before. 

Future Scheduled Reading Themes

I can say here and now that February will be Sci Fi. Why February and why Science Fiction? Who knows. I have my mind set on it, thus it will be. And I will be digging deep on my bookshelf backlist for novels that I haven’t read in years.  I see Frank Herbert, Bob Shaw and Harry Harrison in my future. Other specific books that come to mind are Cuckoo’s Egg by CJ Cherry, Native Tongue by Suzanne Elgin and The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee. Naturally, I will be looking for new authors and ones I should have read by now.  Maybe it would be time to catch up properly with N.K Jemison too. 

Future reading plans

Are up in the air at the moment, I will trying to read as widely as possible: different genres, authors, etc. Nothing is set in stone. Thought having read this article: Non-Fiction To Look Out For In 2020 in The Guardian, I will proactively start looking at non fiction.

Reading Challenges

There are many out there and if I can, I will join one or two that are already on my radar, dependent on commitment.  Goodreads is a given as that’s where I shelve my book list and the only requirement is volume – to keep on reading.

Already, that sounds like a lot and if there’s one thing I won’t be doing from henceforth is over-committing myself. This blog isn’t going to become my third job.

Finally, I will keep on watching/streaming in fits and bursts, my only real goal is to keep up with the boxsets I really enjoyed like Westworld and Bosch but haven’t.

2020 looks unplanned, open to opportunities and new developments. I like the sound of that.

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