Review – Kid Beowulf – Songs and Sagas by Alexis E. Fajardo

Book Review - Kid Beowulf
Book Review - Kid Beowulf

Kid Beowulf – Songs and Sagas is a collection of stories that slot in nicely between the existing book series. Which was an assumption I took from the synopsis, because I’ve never read Kid Beowulf before. The style of the artwork caught my eye (rustic/ Asterixish, and children going on adventures is always a plus for me.

The stories range from action packed to character driven with some resonating more with me than others. Each tale, takes us through European history, some with notable figures and events. Thus it’s ideal that each story starts with a Saga map highlighting main characters, geography and book timeline which is handy context.

The stories are full of depth, well rounded characters and humour. And just in case you were wondering, my favourite story was Shild and the Dragon, for the pathos and the dragon’s personality.

If you’re interested in historicalesq books like Here Comes Hercules! by Stella Tarakson then you will be sure to like this instalment of Kid Beowulf

Shild with attitude

My thanks to NetGalley and publishers for a digital copy in exchange for a review.

3 Stars - Liked It
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