Review – The Arrangements (Audiobook) by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Book Review - The Arrangements
Book Review - The Arrangements

The Arrangements is a 30 minute entertaining read and coincidentally meant that I had to start a new shelf at Goodreads: ‘current affairs’. What does that say about me, that I don’t read topical books?

I’m interested in ‘events of political or social interest and importance happening in the world at the present time’.( I keep up with such events usually through news media rather than books

But back to The Arrangements. There’s nothing new here be it wild gossip or slander. It’s all you’ve probably imagined as being in the realms of possibility – given previous behaviour or read about.

We have a day in the life of this relatively unknown woman married to the infamous boorish man who became President of the USA.

I had a wry smile in place for most of the book. And thought perhaps there’s one theme that made me think ‘ah, this is perhaps a little different, should I go down the rabbit hole of internet research or reddit?’ Other than that it’s more of what you already know.

Narrator was fabulous. A fun short listen (audio read).

3 Stars - Liked It
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