Monthly Preview – April 2020

March was odd. The beginning of the month saw me much too busy to even write a newsletter.  Apologies for that. Mid month saw lockdown implemented in the UK to address the pandemic.

The effect on this par of my life was a troubled reading experience of fits and bursts; long periods of poor concentration and not being able to read.

Why am I harking back to March? Well I’m anticipating that April may follow that pattern so I’ve ensured that there is a reduced list of books and a little bit of accountability as I am reading with others.

When school’s shut down myself, Eldest and Youngest started reading together.  We enjoyed listening to Beezer which was a short read about Beelzebub,  the son of the devil. (Blog review to follow).  Whilst we are now technically in school Easter Holidays we’re still reading; concurrently we were also listening daily to The Last Wild in March. This is read by the author Piers Torday on Instagram. I would say join us at 14:30 GMT but not sure how much longer to go, thought it feels like it will be finished at the end of this week. However recordings are on Instagram and Facebook.

There are 11 books on the list for April 2020 and if you want to have a look specifically at what they are, then please either check out my Goodreads profile, my shelves – currently reading and reading next are usually up to date. Failing that then do have a look at April’s newsletter which goes into more detail than this short blog post.

It will also explain why there are only 10 books listed

Happy Easter

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