90’s R n B: H-Town and Smooth

Tune Day - 90s RnB
Tune Day - 90s RnB

I have this special affinity for 90’s music mainly because that’s when I could make more choices about what I was listening to.  Had my own money and a discman! I’ve already mentioned where I also spent my money on music wise.

Yep discman – that old skool.

My Music Choices

If you follow this blog, or have read any of my previous music related post, you’ll know that I listen to most styles of music, with some genres being particular favourites.  My go to is probably rock/metal with a little bit of urban/British.

Throwback Thursday, what’s that all about then?

Every once in a while I will catch a Throw back Thursday or similar show to the radio station Kisstory where they mine the most popular songs from wayback when and occasionally bring you a tune you’ve forgotten.

Anything to do with Valentine’s Day?

One Sunday afternoon in February, while in the kitchen making dinner listening to the radio via Alexa, out of the blue, I heard two songs that I haven’t heard in the longest time.

Slow Jams or RnB?

Undercover Lover by Smooth

Knocking ‘da Boots by H-Town

 Sometimes there are moments that are just right, occasionally perfect and hit the spot.  This was one of them. In retrospect ’90’s R’n’B or Slow Jams is almost quaint now – with sexual over and undertones and a tad smutty. But at the time, it didn’t feel too much, nor sexually charged or explicit, though in many cases it was.

Maybe I was oblivious to the seriousness.

Now in comparison to current artists, some songs and artist are understated and PG whereas others are no radio airplay. Effectively cancelled.

Both songs are about sexual relationships, wanting to have sex, or having sex, infidelity, etc you get the picture.

 I thought about naming a few artists that I consider far too extreme in their message then and now but

  1. It’s just my opinion
  2.  I’m not in the business of shaming musicians (though some deserve it for their inappropriate and abusive behaviour but that’s for a different blog post)
  3. clearly there is an audience for the type of music that they create, as they’re extremely popular.

But back to these guys.  I know nothing about Smooth or H-Town apart from these two songs.

Do I need to?

Do you?

Are they one hit wonders? 

Does it even matter.

All I can sum up is sometimes less is more: they’re songs that I don’t hear too often and enjoy when I do.

Hope you do too.


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