Review – Now What? by Brenda Faatz

Book Review - Now What?
Book Review - Now What?

The high pitched reality of parenthood

Lizzy cry of “Now What?” must be the bane of her and her parent’s life. In Now What?, she’s always on the lookout for something new and interesting – not satisfied with an activity for long.

Children need entertaining

Or maybe it’s because she was looking for a playmate to give her sparks of ideas. Enter Luna a neighbour who has moved into the neighbourhood, is a breathe of fresh air and everything new to Lizzy. I liked their imagination, that both girls were able to turn their minds to various creative ways including a pile of boxes into an exciting adventure. Lizzy and Luna enjoyed each activity in full before moving on to another. They had learned to enjoy the moment, rather than keeping an eye out for the next best thing.

The prose veered between cutesy to rhyming and sometimes that worked. The illustrations were appropriately colourful.

What more to this cute read?

I guess from the synopsis that Now What covers mindfulness, age appropriate personal development and the realities of being a child. It was an interesting read. However, I dread to think what happened the following day, given it took numerous activities to satisfy Lizzy’s thirst for newness. Keeping up with things to do must be a job in itself.

3 Stars - Liked It
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