Review – Forget Me Not by Elle Terry

Book Review - Forget Me Not
Book Review - Forget Me Not

Spoiler’s galore on the plot, just throughout the review. Avoid if you don’t want to hear me rant about how Callie’s mum did her wrong.

In under two minutes of listening and  these characters are set up and you know that heartbreak in on the way

The plot in a nutshell

Calliope June is stressed out, she doesn’t say it but her actions and demeanour scream it. Trichotillomania the urge to pull out your hair is just one of the conditions Callie has.  It is indicative of the lack of control she has in her life. She finds out that she is moving when she notices that her clothes are packed – not in here closet where they should be. . Heart breaking.

Her mum is inferred as either oblivious, uncaring or facing her own out of control issues. But the reader and Callie knows it’s about moving away from boyfriends.

AHH..., a trope I hate so much. Prioritising your romantic relationships above your dependents. Let's focus on your own happiness at the expense of your child.

How can you say that you love your child, but life will only get better when she finds the one – a man that fits her list.  Totally tone deaf.  The dislike is real with this one.

Even attempting to understand that Callie’s mum is probably trying to secure stability and security. It still feels shitty, this prioritsisation of self over her child.  The mother’s  retort   ” I thought you’d be happy for me”- when Callie finds out the mum already has a new boyfriend the second day after the move, is an obvious indication of how Callie is low on the list of priorities.

So we already know that Callie has it tough.  Add to that her Tourettes, and the gaping hole where a friend should go

Given all of that, it’s really surprising that Callie is a well rounded as she is. But how long can she maintain this equilibrium?

How do you stay whole when things are falling apart

Managing her mum’s dysfunction, the constant moving not to mention the mum’s boyfriend. Her Tourette’s and the desperate need for connection. The loss of her dad at 3years.  It’s a heavy burden.

I have a flood of words because I have all the feels for this book and connected in an emotional way with Callie and was really rooting for her.  Let’s be really clear if it’s not evident, I’m on Callie’s side and think her mum doesn’t deserve to be called a mother because she’s not behaving like a responsible adult.

It is unconscionable that a child has to manage her mother's emotional well being at the cost of her own.

The only thing Callie has is her hair and it’s the one thing the mum wants to take away. Because it’s not about what Callie wants, but Callie’s wants are not at the top of her mum’s list, let alone feature.  Having short hair will make it easier for her mum, it doesn’t matter that cutting Callie’s hair will make it harder for her.  

Who wants to go to a new school and immediately stand out as being different with a bald spot?

Let me stop right here, stop spoiling the book and giving away lots of interesting plot points.

In summary, a great read that had me emotional throughout. I went from angry disappointed, embarrassed, resigned and finally filled with sheer happiness for a satisfying conclusion. Thoroughly recommended. It explained Tourette in a clear, accessible way, with relatable characters and realistic situations

4 Stars - Really Liked It
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