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November 2019 – Childhood Favourites

It was lovely going back down memory lane through this list of childhood favourites.

Having read them all back to back within a couple of weeks, it is now really clear how I inadvertently gravitated to the theme of family in my youth.  Yet not in an obvious way, they are all layered behind plots and genres of horror, myth, fantasy, and mystery.  I  have said that I’m not a big fan of the family saga –  well I thought I wasn’t  – but this is what all these books have in common –  genre aside.

It’s wonderful how insightful, both authors are on family interaction, between parent and child,  parent and siblings and siblings debating.  Children who have to take on more responsibility to fill the void left by absent parents, children who are quiet and compliant and therefore don’t get as much attention as those who shout out for it.

That said, that is the thing that has stood out most for me.  Yet, I can’t ignore the tight plots and good writing which illuminates and doesn’t glare, introduces and doesn’t stomp. Stories that take you on a journey you enjoy for the duration and not just in parts.

I haven’t written book reviews for all and that is a shame because I do want others to know how special and funny and fantastic they are but I’m sure there are existing reviews out there which highlight how marvelous each and everyone of these books are. Plus there is the time factor.  It’s unlikely that I can review every book that I read and particularly if it is a reread.

If you like the sound of funny, interesting and intricate plots, with real, likable characters you could do worse than try one or more of the books listed here.  

I almost forgot to say that all are four stars reads apart from The Changeover and Fire and Hemlock which are five stars. Also the former is Book of the Month for November 2019. Can it get any better? I don’t think so!

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