Review – Saint Valentine the Kindhearted by by Ned Bustard

Book Review Saint Valentines

The History and Legends of God’s Brave and Loving Servant

Saint Valentine the Kindhearted is my last read of 2023 and is finishes off my year with a message of peace and love with this Christian non fiction book for children.

Valentine’s Day v Saint Valentine

Most people know Valentine’s Day is on 14 February and traditionally the day is about romantic love and material gifts. I would image that few (and I include myself in that number) know the details behind the day and the saint that it was named after.

Who was Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine’s was a trailblazer in Rome, standing up for his faith despite the danger and realities of prison.  His kind heart is demonstrated in the determined perseverance in taking care of people in need and sharing the love of God.  For this he was martyred.  Saint Valentine’s actions of love in action (deeds) and the written form (letters) is diluted into the commercialisation of the day that bears his name.

This rhyming poem reclaims that day by firmly citing it in love for others as revealed in Saint Valentine’s life.  Historical details are scares but the brief records including one or two notable events reveal the person behind the myth.

I loved the illustrations and author’s note at the end which explained the different types of love. This book is recommended for all ages and isn’t limited to those with a an interest in Christianity or history. 

My thanks to InterVarsity Press/IVP Kids and NetGalley for a digital advance copy of this book  in exchange for a honest review.

4 Stars - Really Liked It
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