Review – Dewdrop by Katie O’Neill

Advance Review Copy Details:

  • Title: Dewdrop
  • Author: Katie O’Neill
  • Genre: Children’s Fiction, Picture Book
  • Source: NetGalley
  • Publisher: Oni Press
  • Publication Date:  7th April 2020 
  • Format: ePub
  • Number of Pages: 40

Dewdrop is a joyous story about being a good friend, an encouragement to those around you and being you – the best you can be.  In the sweetest of ways this is age appropriate mindfulness and resilience training.

Dewdrop is an easygoing, gentle axolotl who enjoys naps, worm pie, and cheerleading. When the yearly sports fair nears, he and his friends—Mia the weightlifting turtle, Newman the musical newt, and three minnows who love to cook—get ready to showcase their skills to the whole pond! However, as the day of the fair gets closer, Dewdrop’s friends can’t help putting pressure on themselves to be the best. It’s up to Dewdrop to remind them how to be mindful, go at their own pace, and find joy in their own achievements. Goodreads

We are introduced to underwater friends who are preparing for a sports fair to showcase their talents and abilities.  Some are participating, others are helping to set up this event. Dewdrop is naturally upbeat, has few doubts and is the kindest of friends  – one who notices what is going on around him and wants to help  He provides great advice, through praise and reassurance.

As much as I love the story, it’s the illustrations that had me enthralled.  The colours are luminous and vivid, quite eye catching, with just the right amount of text – including those to indicate sound and movement . The action and movement jumps off the page.  The written words, takes up a  minimum amount of space.

 The animals are adorable – their personas are the cutest, but many artists can draw cute and cuddly. It is the variety of expressions that convey anxiety, doubt, adoration, confidence which makes this a special read.

Least I forget to mention, this is not a one sided relationship, the friends who are helped acknowledge Dewdrop’s effort in an appreciated way.

Dewdrop is a wonderful book that illustrates the power of words and friendship. It was a delight to read.

My thanks to Netgalley and  OniPress  for an advance copy of this book in exchange for a candid review

5 Stars – It was Amazing

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