Review – The Hare-Shaped Hole by John Dougherty

Review - The Hare- Shaped Hole
Review - The Hare- Shaped Hole

What caught my eye first

The matt illustrations in The Hare-Shaped Hole by by John Dougherty shows that life will have its ups and downs. There is a hare (Hertle) and a tortoise (Bertle) who are the best of friends (there isn’t the competition of that well know fable). Their adventures and every day activities are indicative of common interests and compromise, the sign of a good relationship. One day Hertle is missing and it’s not clear why but it is evident that she won’t be returning.

The Loss

Bertle to be expected goes through all the known stages of grief. Bewilderment at the absence, anger over the loss, and resignation of the reality, leaving only bittersweet tang of memories.

The Bittersweet

This is a lovely book that demonstrates that we will all experience loss, will experience a variety of feelings as we learn to deal with the absence. But with time and help from others will overcome grief and remember what we had with fondness. There is the indication that good advice and support can come from others who have experienced the same.

The Joy

The rhyming words and expression filled characters highlighted the highs and lows of friendship, ably demonstrating that grief is just love with no place to go.

Why The Hare-Shaped Hole Matters

Truly a thoughtful tale that is aimed at the younger readers, however is eminently suitable for all those grieving or have lost something precious. The The Hare-Shaped Hole ranks right up there with any other book I’ve read about grief, loss and how to process.

I’ll admit that I like anthropomorphising animals as much as the next person. Animals with great personalities are a weakness but that’s not the only reason why this is a five star read. The story, the pathos, and resilience ably illustrated. And if you don’t believe me check out the Goodreads page to see other complimentary reviews.

My thanks to NetGalley, the author and illustrator for this fantastic book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

5 Stars - It Was Amazing
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