Review – Jake the Growling Dog by Samantha Shannon

Book Review - Jake the Growling Dog
Book Review - Jake the Growling Dog

Jake the Growling Dog is a touching tale that delves into themes of acceptance and understanding differences. Read the comprehensive synopsis here

An uplifting read

The story follows Jake, a dog whose growl is often misunderstood, leading to loneliness and a desire for friendship. Neet the squirrel plays a pivotal role in helping Jake be perceived differently, raising the question of whether one needs to change to make others feel comfortable or to forge genuine connections.

Jake the Growling Dog is a story on many levels

The book beautifully illustrates the power of kindness and the importance of seeing beyond first impressions.

Its message is clear: being different is okay, and true friends will accept you as you are. The story is complemented by appealing illustrations and activities that encourage mindfulness and empathy, making it a great read for children and a valuable tool for parents and educators.

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My thanks for NetGalley and publishers for a copy of this published booked in exchange for a review.

3 Stars - Liked It
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