Review – The Confession by Charlotte Bigland

Book Review - The Confession
Book Review - The Confession

The Synopsis of The Confession is killer

The Confession cleverly leads you in.

They said they killed her. But they didn’t – you did.

I should never have gone to her house. But I was desperate to ask her some questions about that night. About what she saw when Joe fell from the bridge.

All I wanted was some honesty, for someone else to have seen what I saw.

I never meant to hurt her. To push her.

As she lay at the bottom of the stairs, blood pooling around her head, I knew it was the end for me too.

I kept expecting the knock on the door, the police, the handcuffs. But it never came.

On the news, they are reporting someone has come forward and confessed to her murder.

But that can’t be true. Because her killer is me… Goodreads blurb

You’ve read the synopsis, wouldn’t you be eager to get to the heart of this mystery
Who are the people who keep on confessing to murders they didn’t commit?
Why are they confessing voluntarily or coerced?

When first impressions are wrong

Middlesbrough was the star of this implausible tale which kept me reading when I was at the point of giving up. As was the narrator who infused feeling and distinct accents into a plot that was more confused than suspenseful.

Am I remembering things wrong

Ella after 2 kills.

The Confession: Textbook Unreliable Narrator

What has actually occurred and what has Elizabeth/ Ella done?

An odd book, as on the face of it, it had a great premise that unfortunately was exaggerated to the point it became unbelievable.  A pity.

The more I listened, the more I realise that I don’t like Ella.  Then I feel mean because the more we find out about her childhood, the more you understand why she is the way she is. 

Should you read the The Confession

There was a good plot in here but I just couldn’t find it.  And way too long, there were far too many occasions where I wanted to tear my ears off so I didn’t have to listen any more. So I held out in the vain hope that the plot would redeem itself. It didn’t. Of course, just because I may not have enjoyed the laborious twists and turns, doesn’t mean others wont. Good luck.

2 Stars - It Was Okay
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