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Gargoyle Hall - Araminta Spook, Book 6

Book Series: Araminta Spook #6

I can’t remember why we purchased this ex library book particularly because we (that is Youngest, Eldest and I) hadn’t read any Araminta Spook books previously. Clearly it must have been the synopsis and probably the cover that had us intrigued enough to start on book 6 in the series.

The Synopsis

Using shenanigans in it’s literal meaning, due to shenanigans at home, Araminta has been sent to boarding school against her wishes. This is annoying for her because there are several mysteries at home that she was in the middle of and hasn’t solved yet.

What happens

Fortunately, Gargoyle Hall – Araminta’s new boarding school – is such an odd place. It becomes evident from day one that something peculiar is afoot. Thus it is perhaps fortuitous that there is a now a detective on the school register.


This is a lovely book, which had Youngest and I laughing throughout. When your hero has a bedroom for each day of the week, you know without a doubt you’re going to be taken on an interesting adventure whether at home or boarding school. We were also introduced to Wanda, Araminta’s best friend; A sidekick who doesn’t get relegated to the bit part.

Yes we do get stereotypical bumbling parental and authority figures but that’s to be expected as how else could they get away with sneaking off to do detective stuff.

I realised that Mysteries are mysterious things. Sometimes when you solve one Mystery, you find another one lurking underneath – a hidden Mystery that you did not suspect at all.

Araminta Spook – Chief Detective of Spook Detective Agency

This quote towards the end of the book, confirms what we’ve already found out about Araminta. She is clever, opiniated and articulate. A detective through and through, charismatic with great observational and deductive skills. And just as importantly, she manages to solve mysteries to the satisfaction of all involved. Bravo

BTW, watch out for creepy crawlies and mystifying beasties in this enjoyable middle grade read.

3 Stars - Liked It

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