Review – Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston 

Book Review - Amari and the Night Brothers
Book Review - Amari and the Night Brothers

(Supernatural Investigations #1)

In a genre saturated with tales of magic, mythical creatures, and epic quests, it’s a rare gem that manages to stand out. Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston is one such gem. This Young Adult fantasy novel not only captivates with its imaginative world-building and compelling narrative but also resonates on a deeper level with its poignant message about identity and self-worth.

The plot

Without giving too much away, the story follows Amari, a young girl who discovers that her missing brother was part of a secret society for magical beings. Determined to find him, she embarks on a journey that takes her into a world of magic, danger, and intrigue. Along the way, she must navigate a labyrinth of challenges, both external and internal, that test her mettle and her sense of self.

Alston’s world-building is great. The magical universe he creates is rich in detail, full of fantastical creatures, arcane spells, and intricate rules that govern the use of magic. It’s a world that you can easily lose yourself in, and one that you’ll be reluctant to leave.

Amari is a protagonist you can’t help but root for. She’s strong, resilient, and fiercely loyal. Her relationships with other characters in the book are complex and well-developed, adding layers to her character and depth to the story.

What sets Amari and the Night Brothers apart is its powerful message on the importance of being true to oneself. Tucked within this YA adventure story is a lesson on holding onto your principles despite the difficulties in doing so. Loved the narration by Imani Parks.

4 Stars - Really Liked It
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