Review – Scrambled Eggs by Happy Yak

Book Review -50-Scrambled Eggs
Book Review -50-Scrambled Eggs

I love the vivid colours and costumes in Scrambled Eggs by Happy Yak.  Despite the fact that I was limited by reading the Kindle version of the eARC and didn’t get the full experience as a split page board book, I very much enjoyed reading this picture book.

How cool are these eggs?

These eggs showed how versatile they were and maybe indicated the cool adventures they could get up to. A pirate  egg, a runny egg and movie star egg were some of my favourites.  The fact that you can then scramble them up so it’s a mad mixture is a whole barrel of fun. 

Scrambled Eggs: fun for everyone

This led to me musing about which toddlers I knew would enjoy this read and interactive fun. That fun note was dimmed when I remember Scrambled Eggs isn’t published yet and therefore couldn’t feature as a 2023 Christmas present.  I can only console myself with the fact that there are birthdays coming up in 2024 and that will be a perfect excuse to read this book again in the near future.

A lovely blend of text and illustrations. Delightful for big kids as well as small ones.

My thanks to NetGalley and publishers for an advance digital copy in exchange for a honest review

4 Stars - Really Liked It
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