Singles – Racks and Damage – H.E.R

I can’t recall when I first heard the artist H.E.R, feels like 2019, yet her voice is so familiar. I want to say that I’m amazed at how much she’s achieved and she’s only 23!  But how can I be amazed when she’s so talented and by the way been putting in the hard work since 2009 (according to Wikipedia).

2019, saw me playing Racks ft Cordae and 2020 I was enthralled with Damage.  I can’t pinpoint one or even two reasons why I’ve chosen these tracks for TuneDay as there are too many to choose from.  Nevertheless if I had to, it goes without saying that the lyrics and vocals would be topping the list.

The stories H.E.R tells with a song and the way she tells it makes you sit up and pay attention

And in my case leading to head shaking and two stepping.

Another artist added to the list must delve into back catalogue.

Enjoy the videos

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