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Killing Joke - Chop Chop

There is nothing that I can say about Killing Joke which hasn’t already been said, so I will keep this post brief.

Killing Joke are an English rock, punk, alternative, insert label ‘here’ band that have been hugely influential to the music scene stylistically and obviously musically to listeners and to other musicians. They’ve had many accolades including a Kerrang! Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

I was probably listening to them first in the 1990’s. If I recall it was from a compilation CD which included Bauhaus and Gene Loves Jezebel among others. The album name escapes me, but hopefully I’ll remember it soon and get to have a listen to those gems again.

To find out more read on Killing Joke have a look here

Killing Joke have had so many singles that to choose only one is a difficult task. The collection is only up to 2012, look at how many singles there are and they are still making music.

Why are they this week’s choice?

Over Christmas I was scrolling through Amazon Music and found their singles collection.

It was a lovely trip down memory lane

The choice is hard from this collection alone but if I had to it would be Chop Chop, but it could have easily been Requiem, Empire Song, Follow The Leader, you get the idea!

I like the fact that they sing in an English accent, the social commentary – blinding lyrics – and the build up in every song is epic. Also and this is important the listener can sing along and surprisingly almost all of their songs are danceable, not just moshable or head swaying.

A final thought, haven’t listened to any of their newer music and that is an oversight on my part that I need to rectify.

Enjoy the audio and a live version of Chop Chop.

Live Version

My Soundtrack this week looks like…

Surprisingly heavy

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