Review – Stone Cold Mortal By Disa Dawn

Series: Tennessee England, #1)

Let me start off with a fact, then get to the detail – I liked the heroine Tennessee England. She is quirky, interesting and maddening in equal measure. 

To sum up the plot: It’s a mad romp of an babysitting, event planner/mortician (the oddest of job couplings which mostly works). Whose existing medical issues doesn’t hinder her from becoming part of an unlikely romantic triad in this book.  When you add in a touch of supernatural events and a lot of on the mark humour.  We get an investigating mortician with a funny bone, cheesy I know, but had to be said

Stone Cold Mortal is a pretty relentless pace of eccentric personalities that make up the characters in this book. No one is an average Joe, yet for all the implausibility of a town full weird and wonderful people, it is still…just about believable.

I guess small towns are distinctive enough to breed theses types of personalities

Sounds good so what’s the problem?

But from the beginning it started to give me vibes of Charley and Reyes. Strong female lead with a complicated personal life landed with a supernatural sidekick. A great combination that’s always going to sound good to me.  I adored that series ( Charley Davidson Series) for a long time but that’s another story. Not for now

It wasn’t until we came towards the end of Stone Cold Mortal that another comparison came to mind Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter. Oh man, another series with a kick ass lead who was surrounded by hot men.

And the point of these comparisons?

Both series started strong and remained strong for 5/6 books then begin to tail off for various reasons I won’t say any more as this really should be a review about Stone Cold Mortal, yet it’s on my mind and thus has to be said.

 I still remember why I just stopped reading each mid series stating

I don’t want to taint these beloved memories with the direction that the storylines were going in

 There might even have been occasional episodes of me shaking my fist at the sun whilst beseeching each author to please return from the dark side, stop making these characters do things I hate and get the plot back on track.

That said and done.  I liked Stone Cold Mortal and would happily read the next book in the series.  I liked the characters enough to want to find out what happens next despite, not lets admit because of the level of kookiness. 


Because it was real, even in the small ways. For example: uncontrollable hair, which is a thing – it really is, and how it can make life difficult, was described so nicely and to a tee.

Summary Musing

My final thought and this is an unanswered question because I haven’t posed it to the author or read the later books.

 What is the driving force of the over arching plot:

Tennessee’s spiritual battle as a Demon Hunter or her love life?

I fully understand that both elements are intertwined, not to mention almost all the town members are in someway shape or form  involved with the supernatural aspect to a degree. My fear is that if this delicate balance is lost, I see jump the shark ahead sooner rather than later.

Again, that’s just me being glass half full at the moment but in the back of my mind there is this train of thought: I don’t want to get burned by investing time in a series that will engage and then ultimately disappoint.

However that is all speculation on my part and does not negate from the fact that I chuckled heartily at the humour and the dynamics of Ten’s relationships. 

It was all very good fun.

Roll on book 2 – 999 Lives (Tennessee England, #2)

My thanks to Voracious Readers Only and the author for a digital copy of this review in exchange for a review.

3 Stars - Liked It

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