Living Room Bookshelf

living room bookshelf

So this is the main bookshelf in the house.  There are a few others dotted around, but this where most of my physical books are kept, apart from those on the Kindle or temporarily on a library app.

living room bookshelf

It’s pretty small and I’m trying to keep it that way as I dislike that it’s beginning to get stacked up for two main reasons:

1: I can’t see at a glance where things are that I’m looking for.

2: I’m not able to stand in front of it and have a slow look to see if I fancy something, just from looking at the cover or remembering the synopsis from the book title. 

However, the lure of the local library’s for sale trolley keeps me from sticking to that goal, most recently in December 2019.

Recent Library Visit

On my way back from the Post Office to get stamps for Christmas cards – just how expensive are stamps now!!! I thought I might as well make a small detour and go past the library.

This library is fairly small but always seems to have at least 50 books or more for sale.  Sure there are a few that have been lingering on there for several months, yet there is a good turn around of a range of genres. Some are in nearly new condition.  I did ask the librarian once, why a book which looked new/unread was being sold and was informed that they had to make way for new stock on a regular basis.  A shame for the library but good for me, and other readers of course.

How do I choose books?

My usual way of choosing a book is by the cover, title and book blurb and not always in that order. Very rarely do I venture into the book for a quick read.  First impressions tend to sell it to me.

New additions to the shelves

My finds on this occasion  – both new authors for me – are below

library books purchased x2

The Blind by A. F. Brady

A psychological thriller about a psychologist who takes on a new client leading to the start of an internal analysis of her own life, which naturally is filled with secrets that are likely to be revealed.  I’m anticipating that clearly lots will go wrong.

 Inspector Singh Investigates: A Calamitous Chinese Killing , Book 6 by Shamini Flint

I like police procedurals and don’t believe I’ve read one set in Asia.  Plus the plot sounds good, strong enough for me to select book 6 as the entrance to a series. The son of a bigwig at the Singapore Embassy has been bludgeoned to death in a back alley in Beijing. The Chinese security insists that he was the victim of a robbery gone wrong, but the young man’s mother demands that Singapore’s finest investigates.

 I’m looking forward to when one or both of these books can be scheduled in or better yet, they invite themselves to be read.

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